The Pyrfect Gadget


Just an “Old Fashioned” toaster oven that bakes, broils, and toasts 4 slices at once.

I got so tired of hi-tech broilers and toasters that are a “pain” to program and have a short life.   So, I thought back to what my mom used and remembered her toaster oven.  Here it is.  Problem solved.  I can broil a lamb chop for Maggie, a small pizza for myself and toast bagels on  a Sunday morning without setting off the smoke alarm.  All for less than $35.00.  Take a trip back in time and enjoy kitchen ease.  You’ll thank me.

No More Hide’N’Seek.  Find that Oregano quickly.


Forget about hunting for that one spice which is always in the back.  This organizer holds 20 spice Bottles in  4 inch wide space and has two shelves which slide out and swivel.  You’ll find what you need in a second,

Fits 11″l x 11″H x 4″wide. 



I love fresh squeezed orange juice in the a.m.

so I looked for this easy-to-use juicer.  I had been using an old-fashioned glass squeezer but wanted an updated like the ones I used to see at juice bars.  This will squeeze any citrus.  So if you cook with a lot of lemon juice, this is the right gadget for you.


An Updated Medical Alert Bracelet for the 21st Century

red-crossEasy to use and easy for first responders to access

  • Salt water safe USB with a durable stainless steel clasp and USB cover
  • No subscription or internet connection is required
  • Plug this USB into your computer and input or update your personal information medical history and insurance information
  • Both PC and Mac compatible



 When We Need A Little Help…

Stay mobile and security with this sturdy, flexible, reliable swivel cane, made for travel and designed for safety.




About the Product

  • The pivoting quadruple treaded base provides better traction and supports your full weight while giving you the flexibility to walk, run and turn easily
  • Length adjustable button at 5-level points: 33.8″ to 37.8″ – Can support 250 Lb
  • Soft foam grip handle with pivoting head light with 6 built-in white LED lights to light up the way
  • Folds up in seconds – wrist strap keeps the sections of the cane together when the cane is folded up
  • Includes: 4 x LR44 batteries and carry bag



At Last — Hold that E-reader comfortably with this Clever E-handle.

ehandleHandle/grip for e-readers, tablets and iPad Minis.

  • Safe way to hold devices with better grip, control and functionality
  • Rotates 360 Degrees
  • All day comfort
  • Easy to use; Adjustable; Detachable


No more tired or stiff wrist.  Use your  e-reader for any length of time in total comfort.  Great for airplane trips, waiting room visits or just reading in bed.


Make Sure To Get Everone in that Selfie…

iPhone Camera Lens Kit with Portable, Compact Design, Professional HD Super Macro 10x Lens and Wide Angle 0.67x , Compatible for Any Smartphone plus Cell Phone Photography Guide




The Prynt Case


Old Wine, New Bottles

Calling all techies! Here’s an update on an generation-old fun gadget — the poloroid camera. Ask your “elders” what good times they had with those instant pics! Now you can print your selfies, or groupies instantly from your smart phone. Just watch the video and dive in.
Warning: it takes a few seconds to start.   Patience.. enjoy

Just a thought:  Why not purchase the wide angle selfie lens together with The Prynt Case?  Makes for instant and long lasting memories.




juicypowerCharge seven devices at one time with this neat docking station.  No more searching for unused sockets or tripping over cables where they shouldn’t be.  Keep organized and keep your work space free of hazardous tangles.  Works on Apple and Android devices



Our friend, Joyce, was amused when her husband found this “old person grabber thingy..”  truth is, it’s not just for old people .  Us dog people love it for retrieving biscuits that get hidden under the couch, or toys stored on a top shelf.  Pencil out of reach under the bed?  No problem.  This easy to use, durable Nifty Nabber will come in handy, over and over.


Calibre Care Nifty Nabber – High Quality Reacher Grabber Ideal For The Elderly, Disabled & The Hard To Reach Places, Eliminates Bending Over & Straining With It’s Rotating Head – Extra Long & Durable

  • Calibre Care Nifty Nabber - High Quality Reacher Grabber Ideal For The Elderly, Disabled & The Hard To Reach Places, Eliminates Bending Over & Straining With It's Rotating Head - Extra Long & Durable Easy To Use Picker Upper




grillRainy day? Apartment life-style?  No problem.  Grill that steak or salmon pyrfectly every time with this T-Fal opti grill.  No mess, no fuss, just a pyrfect meal in minutes.



Reach high places with the security of this simple, ingenious  four-step ladder with handrails.  We all know that serious accidents happen at home.  Now, for peace of mind,  you can give a loved one the security of a stable, 300-lb weight bearing step ladder.

Folds for easy and compact storage, and opens with ease.  Don’t take chances or wait for the grandkids to come over to help.  Keep your independence and be safe.


Chef Remi Jar Opener

Who remembers Dinah Shore’s song, “It’s So Nice To Have A Man Around The House?”

Well, that’s always true, but when he’s not there, here’s the next best thing — Chef Remi jar opener to fit extra large, large, medium and small jars.  Great for weak hands or arthritis.  Ladies, take back your independence.  Gentlemen, give her a gift for no reason at all.  She’ll thank you over and over.

Easy Use Jar Opener
Easy Use Jar Opener


All-in-One Easy

Never go hunting for the tool you need again —

Here’s the simple answer to organizing your kitchen cabinets and keeping all your kitchen tools together!  Eight essential cook’s tools in one and the smallest footprint to save you space.  I love it!  I can’t imagine who wouldn’t.




The Clever Cutter

Here it is. The answer to your quick and easy meal prep! Cutting board and knife in one. Use like a scissors to cut and chop 10X faster,
No mess, no fuss, just pyrfect results every time.

So effective, you’ll want to gift it to every great cook you know. A pyrfect” Stocking Stuffer.

Ho ho ho. Order today