The Pyrfect Fit

Full Figure Gals

untitledYou asked me or it and I found it. This perfectly gorgeous French import comes in sizes up to F cups.

This is it ladies — The Chantelle Circle Bra, 1960.  That’s not just a style number, it’s a time travel genie that will take you back to how you looked and felt  as a young woman.  The construction gives incomparable support and uplift and this bra comes in  sizes up to 40F!!   Order in black or white, or both.  You will not be disappointed.  And please click Here for pyrfect sizing chart to ensure A Pyrfect Fit.



Get Ten Pounds of Slimming Power, Instantly

If you loved the Genie Bra, here’s something more — The Cami Shaper.
Get rid of the Muffin top, Bulging handlebars, even tummy excess. No excuses against diet or exercise, but come on, we all need a little extra help, sometime. Look and feel you’re best, and do it so comfortably.

Look and Feel Like a Million Bucks, too.

Here’s the Genie bra that “celebrates your curves” and offers a body hugging, one-piece design that’s “pyrfect” for low cut tops, sweaters and dresses.

The genie bra is really magic for everyone.  It even has hidden pouches to hold modesty pads for a little extra lift  and coverage.  And who doesn’t need a little help, now and then.

This bra will lift and support, smooth out to minimize back fat and control unsightly underarm and side bulges.  Wear all day, sleep in it at night and and order now.  Start your “beautiful me” campaign today.

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